Serenity to Accept, Courage to Change, Wisdom to Know....

by DHS Deals
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  • Comfort, wisdom, courage and strength all found on this beautiful unique ring called a Radiance ring.  
  • The Radiance ring is actually 2 bands forming a stunning single piece.  On 1 band there are 9 inset clear, sparkling cubic zirconia stones.  The refraction of light by these stones resembles real diamonds.  The stones cover the front of this band.
  • On the 2nd side in detailed engraving filled with black enamel is the message:  "Serenity To Accept, Courage To Change, Wisdom To Know”  
  • Share this with family and friends and they will love both the ring and the message
  • This beautiful stunning ring comes with a black velvet draw-string jewelry gift bag. 

The message inspired by Romans 8:28-30, "Serenity to accept that things I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can, wisdom to know the difference" is so powerful and comforting.  Keep this message close to your heart and remember that God grants all three.