ESSENTIAL OILS AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER - Cool Mist - Changing 7 LED Colors Auto Shutoff USB Powered Convenience

by Enovis
  • The Enovis oil diffuser creates a wonderful ambiance with a lovely fragrance. Immerse yourself and relax surrounded by the aromatic fragrance.
  • Silent Ultrasonic Operation - Creates a comfortable living space. For day, feel Relaxed and Re-energized. For nights, get a peaceful nights' Sleep.
  • Adjustable mist, 7 colors allows you to set the mood that you desire. Releases negative ions to promote a sense of well-being and said to help with stress
  • Diffuser Shuts off automatically when the water runs out. Contemporary and compact size makes this diffuser perfect for Home, Yoga, Office, Spa, Bedroom, Baby Room. Perfect gift idea for family and friends!
  • 4 time settings, 3 hours in continuous mode. USB powered for convenience. Use just about any USB power source, a cell phone charger or a USB port on your notebook. You can even use a rechargeable USB Charger. Backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
  • Will ship with a free bottle of an essential oil, misc. scent.  

The Enovis oil diffuser is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. Keeping your living space comfortable, providing a fragrance of your choice and soft gently changing colors for any mood. USB powered for convenience.  Use almost any USB power source such as the USB ports on your notebook, even your cell phone charger.  USB cable is included.  

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