Amazing, Stunning CZ Trinity Cross Ring - Woman of God Proverbs 31

by DHS Deals
  • This is one of Spirit & Truth's newest designs featuring 3 crosses to represent the Trinity.  Each cross is filled with clear brilliant cubic zirconia stones. Light refraction from these stones is amazing resembling real diamonds
  • The CZ Trinity Cross ring features extremely fine detail and even tapers in the back for a very elegant appearance
  • "Woman of God - Proverbs 31" is engraved in great detail and filled with high quality enamel
  • Stunning, amazing, beautiful, brilliant all describe this unique and special ring!
  • Available in 5 sizes from 5-12.  Also available with other Bible verses.  Comes with a black velvet draw-string jewelry gift bag

The Trinity is expressed beautifully in this amazing CZ Trinity Cross ring.  3 crosses, each filled with clear brilliant cubic zirconia stones make this ring so very special.  The brilliance of the stones and the polished stainless steel is simply amazing!